Monday, September 26, 2005

A Savage Notion

Reported, not verbatim, but as close as memory allows:

Radio commentator Michael Savage has tackled the difficult problem of Cindy Sheehan's motivation, and boy, does he have her pegged.

Savage opines that Sheehan looks like she wanted, when she was younger, to be in one of those "Girls Gone Wild" videos, but was "too ugly at the time." Now she's found a way of getting media attention, and she's milking it for all she's worth.

Savage also explains why it is that, as he reports, the U.S. forces in Iraq are expending "250,000 bullets for every terrorist" killed. It's the fault of Cindy Sheehan, Ted Kennedy and "other subversives" who are keeping the United States from bombing entire towns where the terrorist hang out, "killing them all."

Thank you, Mr. Savage, for that astute assessment. We lesser mortals stand in awe of your keen analytical skills.